Found Imagery & Digital Collage

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Monolithic is a body of collages created towards the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, focussing on nostalgia, the natural environment and sci-fi fantasies during the coronavirus pandemic.

In late 2020 a monolith was found in San Juan County, Utah, and immediately made breaking news across the world. Amidst the constant statistics and articles about the devastation of Covid-19, a glimmer of excitement and distraction was found in the potential visit of extra-terrestrial beings, and inspired other mock monoliths and research into these 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque monuments. Through the lockdowns and quarantines, people have been melancholic towards the past, when they were able to freely do things they enjoy, and finding solace in nature and the outdoors.

This work embodies and combines the fascination and daydreams of another world, a different way of living, and the contrast with the melancholy of previous times by using old, scanned photographs of national parks collaged to create monolithic objects. Purposefully putting futuristic and nostalgic elements together, of subjects that have brought us joy during a difficult period, a hope for the future is created.