Cycad is a self-negotiated university brief, presenting a museum-style exhibition on unusual plants and fossils in an interactive gallery setting.

From conducting research through surveys and statistics published by museums and galleries, I found that young adults (i.e.16-30 average age) are less likely to visit museums - yet this is the main audience of art and design gallery exhibitions. Cycad is an interactive exhibition design in a made-up gallery space, to encourage young people to learn about the earth. Through posters, flyers, wayfinding, exhibition space and other touchpoints, I have brought elements of layers, discovery, education and interaction into the designs to reinforce that people will have to search for the information in the gallery.

Risograph flyer with scratch panels, to enforce the element of discovery: the audience uncover the unusual facts about the artefacts

1. Entrance to gallery
2. Picking up a leaflet
3. Entering plant observatory
4. Reading labels on plants that give facts on the species
5. Numbered drawers on the wall, relative to the numbers on the back of the labels
6. Opening drawer, which contains more information on the specific numbered plant and seeds for the audience to plant their own
7. Planting seeds
8. Going to the floor below from the plant observatory
9. Down the stairs
10. Collecting torch on the wall
11. UV wayfinding arrows
12. Finding rocks with information on a label attached
13. Finding where missing pieces go in dinosaur fossils
14. Exit found with UV arrow

Landing page animation for the website - digital formats are important to this exhibition as the target audience is young adults, who are likely to use digital media

The webpage uses the layers element further to construct the layout - the drop down menu is jagged and the whole website is one page that scrolls through each part as you go down

Labels are attached to each plant, with information on that specific type of plant.

The plants are numbered, so that if someone wants to learn more about that plant, they can go to the drawer on the wall with
that number and can plant their own in the exhibition.

Each plant has their own seed packet so people can take it away with them after they have planted.

Concertina leaflet