Alter Eco
Environmental campaign
Alter Eco is your home guide to sustainable living, delivered to your door. Printed on sustainable paper with eco-friendly ink, get useful tips on how to make your space more kind to the Earth.
Using the theme of product, range and distribution, create a campaign with the aim to educate the members of the public on how they can become more sustainable in their homes and everyday lives, informing on how to recycle, produce less waste and energy among other points. The audience is young people, predominantly students or young couples/professionals, however there is options for more information and further pack material for families and the elderly to open up the campaign to a wider public range.

Leaflets accessed in cafes, independent shops, galleries and relevant institutions will introduce the audience to the project, which encourages people to sign up to receive weekly emails over a set period of time, each week focussing on one room of their house and the ways in which they can alter their way of living to become more sustainable e.g. reusable makeup wipes, biopowders and food jars. The sign-up website will also offer the option to have items delivered such as packets of seeds to grow your own food, recycling labels with tailored information of the recycling in their area, and maps to where they can access refill shops.

A6 printed on G.F. Smith Extract Moon, Shell and Cactus papers. 130gsm, made from recycled coffee cups